Weduc is a social network designed for education which aims to improve the communication between all agents involved in the educational process.

By sending messages, sharing photos, videos or evaluations, teachers and schools will bring parents closer to the activities students enrol in when they are at school, in a completely private and secure environment.

By offering a wide array of functional and interactive features, Weduc encourages participation and family involvement in education through an innovative platform that is being adopted by many schools across the country.

The interaction between schools, parents, students and teachers creates stronger links and increases the participation of all those agents in the education of their students.

This platform makes use of the Internet as a complementary channel of communication with families, giving them a permanent access to the most relevant moments and activities taking place at school.

Weduc gathers a growing community of educators that helps the development of a collective intelligence through the sharing of good teaching and learning practices.

It can be used by any type of school, from nursery schools to universities, tutoring or after-school activities centres. Education-related entities can also have a profile on Weduc and connect to other education agents.

Weduc is a multi-platform social network and can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone, with dedicated apps for IOS and Android.