• Only LMS.
  • Requires a higher investment, since the platform is hosted on their servers.
  • Outdated interface and difficult to use.
  • Requires users to take training courses to learn how to use it.
  • Difficult to configure and to use its features.
  • Collaborative translations and support is provided mostly in english.


  • Knowledge management + corporate social network + LMS.
  • Hosted in the cloud.
  • Modern interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Self explanatory platform, efficient support by email or telephone.
  • All Weduc features available – digital classrooms, calendar, assessments and virtual shop are very easy to use.
  • Platform and support available in Portuguese (European and Brazilian), English and Spanish.


  • Content and support are mostly in english.
  • Developed specifically for primary schools, making its features as a social network and digital environment limited when compared to Weduc.
  • LMS + private social network.


  • Available in English, Portuguese (European and Brazilian) and Spanish.
  • Developed for all types of institutions, from private and state education to other educational and corporate networks.
  • Knowledge management + LMS + Private social network.


  • It is only a social network
  • Developed for individual users and not for entities
  • Public, open and allows the creating of fake profiles
  • Your content competes with that of other users, ads and others
  • It is a personal social network to connect with friends and family
  • Pages and groups can have administrators but, in general, all users have the same privileges
  • Minimum age to create an account is 13


  • Social network and learning web environment
  • Developed for institutions
  • Private and secure. It is not possible to create fake accounts, for instance
  • All content is related to your entity
  • It is a social network to connect the members of the entity's community
  • Multilevel, it allows to set which features are available to each type of profile
  • The administrator manages user privileges


  • Internal network of information exchange
  • Server-hosted, which requires investment in hardware and staff
  • Outdated interface and difficult to use
  • Staff training is required
  • Tools difficult to use and some may require a technician to perform simple tasks for users


  • Social network and virtual learning environment
  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Modern interface and intuitive navigation
  • Self explanatory platform, efficient support by phone or email
  • All features on Weduc – digital classrooms, calendar, assessments or virtual shop – are easy to use

Weduc is a unique solution for organisations of all sizes, education entities and other institutions.

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