The next generation of social networks is here: Weduc.

Weduc is an integrated solution that provides a private and secure social network , able to empower the communication, relationships and institutional and corporate knowledge. It is a platform of intuitive navigation, simple and secure, which enhances the effective participation of all collaborators.

Managers, collaborators, partners, shareholders and clients interact in a completely secure and private environment where they can be part of the learning process. All information related to work activities gathered on a single platform: assessments, calendar, work groups, private messages, photos and videos, feeds, training activities and much more! Weduc for companies and institutions. Ask us for more info..

Weduc improves communication, strengthens interpersonal relationships and improves professional performance with mobility, security and privacy.

Weduc is perfect for all types of company or institution, from small businesses to big corporations.

Total information management


Weduc is customised according to the image of your institution , colours and logo, assuming a layout that matches your corporate identity.


Weduc is built on a multi-level and flexible structure, allowing for the complete management of information and the sharing of specific content to each user in the network. The network administrator manages all environments and user registrations, as well as managing and improving the content posted to enhance engagement in company activities.

Assess and monitor

Leaders and collaborators can post news on what happens in each sector, post pictures and videos, assess activities and processes, share tasks with their peers, award partners and clients, submit tests, participate and provide professional improvement opportunities and post task programs. All according to the policies and guidelines set by the organisation.

Integrated Communication

Organise your communication

Weduc is the solution for organising all the communication developed at your institution in a single platform of intuitive, simple and secure navigation , which will ensure the involvement and effective engagement of your collaborators.


Invite users to participate in closed groups for the discussion of topics and the sharing of files and pictures . Your institution is able to publish content for segments of your network of collaborators and contacts


Users share content in real time, such as news, files, pictures and videos with their colleagues , in a network that is one hundred percent private and secure


Organise your institution's calendar and create events for all users or for specific groups of users in your network. When a new event is created, all participants will be notified


Your organisation provides your collaborators with a valuable communication platform. A real community will be built on the interaction between users and news feeds, groups and posts, that can be “liked” and commented by everyone in the organisation

Virtual Knowledge Environment


Virtual classrooms for the discussion of topics, the exchange of messages, files and images, acessible only to participants.


The responsible for training courses in your institution can create tests and individual or group tasks, that can be submitted automatically. The platform also accepts automatic correction. Managers get information on their team's performance and collaborators can be assessed on their individual performance, behaviour, productivity and individual engagement, and by sector or level.


Users have a personal Digital Library where all files and links shared with them are stored. They can upload their own files and set who else will have access to them. The institution may use this area to share tutorials and guides, as well as promoting success cases and best practices.


Weduc provides a learning online system ready to optimise the training routines at your company and to help coordinators to better follow the progress of their collaborators. A learning programme structured by topics and subtopics can be created and collaborators are notified whenever a progress is completed..


Online shop

Weduc provides you with a complete structure for your institution to easily activate and manage an online store where products, services and automatic payments are made available and where all order management takes place.


Promote your company's and sponsors' advertising campaigns among Weduc users and set rules for how those are made visible on the platform.

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Full list of functionalities, tools and Weduc services


  • Groups or digital classroom pages for segmented communication
  • Digital classrooms
  • Dedicated applications for tablet and mobile phones
  • Multiprofile
  • Streaming of private videos
  • Photos
  • Private messaging
  • Special messages (authorization requests, invitations and notifications)
  • Digital library
  • Assessments
  • Customized assessment parameters
  • Export assessment results
  • Quizzes
  • Public groups
  • Private groups
  • Curricular programme
  • Integrated calendar/agenda
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Tutorials
  • Browsing of archived historical content available in organised form
  • Custom job titles and profile names
  • Multiupload of images and videos
  • Multiupload of files


  • Platform image customisation
  • Integrated vision of the school's communication
  • Back-office for management of the entity and its users
  • Specific tools for school networks and public entities
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Online store
  • Secure access module through the entities website
  • Specific module for systems administrators
  • Departments and coordinators creation
  • API access for integration with third party tools
  • Entity's profile page
  • Highlighted listing in the directory


Online user
Account and user's

Weduc is a unique solution for organisations of all sizes, education entities and other institutions.

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