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What is Weduc?
Weduc is a secure web based platform that empowers communication, linking schools to teachers, students and parents, sharing messages, photos, videos, evaluations, best practices and links. We are deeply committed in involving all educational players, sharing knowledge, in search of a better education.

Weduc is suited for what kind of schools?
Developed primarily for educational organisations, today, Weduc offers a complete set of tools to cater the needs of any type of organisation.
Weduc is not only able to address the needs of schools, and several types organisations, Weduc can also help private and public entities to manage their network of schools, activity centers, colleges and any other type of structures they may have.
Its use ranges from schools to companies, from small organisations to multileveled entities, unions, federations and groups of any type.

What kind of information may be shared??
In Weduc the users can share, among other items, documents, photos, videos, assessments, quizzes, events, group works. What can be shared and with whom is defined by the organisation itself and the supervisor can, at any moment, add, edit or delete any content.

Who can post information?
The organisation itself decides who can post contents and edit information. The user will decide what, when and to whom he will publish.

How often shall new content be shared?
This is up to each organisation. There is no mandatory schedule, it should be determined by the organisation and its users.

What kind of infrastructure must be made available to the users in my organisation?
Just a computer or any device with internet access. No servers or other hardware required.

My organisation doesn't have a website. Does this by any way limits Weduc usage?
Not at all - no website is required. Weduc is independent from your site.

Does it requires any special training to use Weduc?
No. You'll find Weduc quite easy and intuitive to use. Several help guides, FAQ's and tutorials are available. Support is also available trough Weduc help phone number and on-line support. Weduc will send a representative to your organisation to showcase the use of its tools and ways of adapting them to your needs.


Página Principal

Weduc will give you access to all information published by the teachers and schools you are connected with on the platform, be it texts, photographs or files. Interact with that content, get updates on all your relevant school information and communicate with other users in your school or classes.


Users can have several profiles under the same account. Teacher, parent or school director are some of the available profiles that can be associated with the same user. Each teacher can aggregate several classes from different schools, while being a school director, system administrator or parent at the same time. Weduc gathers all your activities as an educator in one single profile and allows you to easily navigate from one role to another.


The messaging service allows students, teachers and parents to communicate quickly and easily. It can also be used for invitations and authorization requests. The messaging services is not only a great way for the school to keep in touch with parents but it also helps to ease administrative tasks.


Making timetable and personal calendar management easy. On Weduc, the school calendar is shared by teachers, parents and students and all participants are notified whenever an event is created. You can also create individual groups of users and assign them a different calendar.

Album de Fotos

Share multimedia, such as photographs and videos, with students and parents in a secure and private online environment. Parents are able to authorize or block the sharing of multimedia containing their child(ren).


Teachers can assess students on different criteria, including grades, behaviour, homework and eating habits. Each assessment is personalised and made available only to each student and his/her parents. Because parents play a huge part in the educational development of any child, we see huge value in notifying the parents every time a student assessment is created.

Biblioteca Digital

A digital store for important and useful web links and files directly on the Weduc platform. You can set the privacy level to define whether content will be available teachers, parents and/or students. This tool is great for media such as tutorials or information on best practices.

Tutoriais e Boas Práticas

Teachers can create and share a tutorial explaining how an activity should be developed. They can also access tutorials created by other educators as well as best practices shared by other schools or parents.

Fichas e Trabalhos

Create and allocate a range of quizzes and assignments for your students, which can be graded automatically or manually at a later time.

Programa Escolar

Teachers are able to manage their learning programme with Weduc, structuring it with topics and sub-topics. This is great for automatically notifying parents and students on the progresses made.


Groups for communication on similar interests can be created on Weduc and can be set as public, private or invitation-only.

Salas de Aula

Teachers can create areas on Weduc for a specific subject or class. These are called Digital Classrooms. Messages, files and pictures can be shared within classrooms and accessed by students and teachers connected to them.


An internal search engine is available so you can search for schools, files, tutorials or best practices accessible to users on the platform.


Schools, activities centers, spots and other entities are registered on our directory, as well as their georeference and user ratings.

Perfis de Entidades

As with any social network, each school can have a public profile and share content with Weduc’s network of users, such as news, files or pictures.